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Car Care

Battery Conditioners

12 Volt Chargers and Conditioners

The CTEK Multi XS3600

  • Increases battery life
  • Monitors Voltage, turning itself on and off automatically
  • Designed to be left on for long periods without overcharging
  • Supplied with crocodile clips and a comfort connector kit as standard
  • 5 year Warranty

Suitable to condition batteries between 1.2 & 120a/h

Optional cigar charging adapters are available.


Tyre Trainers

Tyre Trainers are designed to spread the load over the base of the tyre supporting more of the tread to avoid flat spots from forming.  The extra support given by the Tyre Trainer, decreases the bulging of the tyre which would otherwise lead to premature cracking of the sidewalls.

In addition to these, if you have larger diameter wheels and tyres there are also “Heavy Duty” Tyre Trainer available as a set of four.



Bespoke Covers

Individually hand tailored to your marque and model, the cover offers complete indoor protection. The covers are manufactured from luxurious cotton/mixed fibres, with a soft cotton fleecy inner, this breathable fabric is tightly woven to repel dust and protect against minor knocks, keeping your car in pristine condition.

The covers are available in nine mat and five metallic colours and your cover can be customised further with your choice of colour piping, logo and/or artwork.



Air Chambers

The Air Chamber is designed for indoor use and uses a tubular steel frame which provides vehicle access to the rear and excellent access to the vehicle along both sides.
High quality lightweight synthetic resin material is UV protective, anti-static, flame resistant and tested to temperatures as low as -25oC. The material eliminates rapid changes in air temperature, preventing the formation of condensation thus eliminating damp and mould.

The base sheet is a highly durable nylon-plastic weave which is fuel, oil and brake fluid repellent. This super durable material has been developed to allow users to carry out minor maintenance within the Air Chamber.

Hi-tech static trap filtration system removes all abrasive particulate matter from the atmosphere ensuring your vehicle/items remain in pristine condition.

Specified with 12v brushless electric fan motors, for maximum longevity and efficiency, these powerful energy efficient fans process around 50,000 litres of clean air per hour. Rapidly drying damp vehicles and preventing condensation and rust.

A range of colours and sizes are available.



Various Valeting and Detailing packages are available. All valeting and vehicle preparation services are carried out within the storage facility by our preferred external vehicle preparation company.

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